Recommended for Families in kang Botswana - Sister Lodge to Kang Ultra stop.


Tel: +27 (0) 21 855 0395

Nkisi Lodge - General

Until the 1990s Kang was a rather remote and dusty place along the world’s longest cattle drive route. Cowboys and a couple of farmers were the only visitors - but then the Trans-Kalahari Highway connected Windhoek and Johannesburg. The highway runs past this isolated town - halfway between the two cities. With the arrival of the highway, overnight accommodation for the business traveller and holiday maker was urgently needed.

The Location

Nkisi Guesthouse belongs to the same family as Kang Ultra Lodge - it sits right across from the lodge. However, Nkisi does not replace Kang Ultra Lodge, but compliments it. The guesthouse caters for a different market. It is particularly suited for families and those in need of more luxury.



Nkisi Guesthouse’s rooms can accommodate up to five people. All the rooms have air-conditioning and have a separate toilet and shower as part of the room. The rooms are neatly decorated and the layouts of the rooms are designed with the family in mind. You can even have your own braai if you wanted to.

Nkisi Guesthouse is very aware of the importance of good night’s sleep after a long day’s drive. The guesthouse was therefore created with rooms which will certainly provide you with the luxuries you deserve. All rooms are spacious, modern and equipped with DStv. The understanding is there that you might want to sit down, relax and watch your favourite sport team, the news or a good movie.




You will find relaxation outside your room as well. The upstairs bar and restaurant at Nkisi Guesthouse will certainly take care of your thirst and hunger pangs. You can also cool off in the swimming pool after a hot and dusty drive. There is also a garden where you can go contemplate your route for the next day. This family friendly hotel is a true oasis on your journey.